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The best part of this game is drawing the runes on the screen to cast magic. That's so cool, feels like I'm actually casting spells instead of just hitting a button.
Overall I got a lot of enjoyment from this game, I'm not one for RPGs, but I enjoyed this and played it through to the end. I've played, or at least started Morrowind, another popular RPG but frankly I didn't much care for it. The problem with Morrowind for me is that there's too much info. You can ask everyone like 20 different questions and they all have some cookie-cutter response. They're not really characters in my opinion, they're just objects to interact with that dispense data.
Not so with Arx Fatalis. Many of the characters have individual, spoken dialogue. The story isn't as deep, but I find the world itself more believable, it has more character because the people in that world are more individual. Some of the NPCs are useless, no mistake, maybe they say the same 5-6 lines of dialogue, but its THEIR dialogue, and few if any other characters say the same thing. I would've liked a little more to the story though in terms of length. Perhaps a little more opportunity for exploration. But the developers obviously chose to tell a tight, fairly-linear story and they achieved that.
Overall. I enjoyed the game and recommend that anyone who has an interest in FP-RPGs to give it a go. For the price it's well worth it.
And like I say, the spell-casting is so cool.