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I forged the two-handed meteor sword. Now I need to enchant it to produce the Ultimate Weapon.

I've already used the dragon's egg to make the strange potion to put Lord Inut back into human form and I've killed the dragon, so there are no more dragon eggs left in the game.

However, according to "The Theory of the Ultimate Weapon" I can use a host of items to enchant the weapon with: garlic, Amikar's Rock, and powdered dragon bone in addition to dragon's egg.

So I dropped the meteor sword to the floor and put an Amikar's rock next to it. I cast Enchant weapon and click on the sword, but it doesn't work. Am Shegar says something like "There's something wrong."

What's the secret to enchanting this weapon? Any guesses as to what I'm doing wrong?

Edit: I figured out that I'm able to use Amikar's Rock on weapons, but when I try to use it on the meteor sword, Am Shegar says "Not a good idea" or "I shouldn't do this".
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In the room where the dragon was there should be dragon eggs hanging from the ceiling. You can get them with telekinesis.