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For nearly a decade I was delaying playing this as I heard that it's very buggy. Even so, the wide cult like status and even mainstream recognition (e.g. PC Gamer Best Rpgs of All Time) seemed attractive to me.

So I've decided just recently to try it out. Well, despite having major graphic difficulties running on a modern system, I could play it still without any severe complaint. And then I came to save Shany. And I did. And she was back at the town, and her mother thanked me and gave me a reward. So there I was plying it further and after a couple of hours or so I got back to the town once more via the teleport the Edereum sister provided, and the girl's mother asks me to save her daughter again. And Shany is nowhere to be found. Even at the culktist sanctum where she was to be sacrificed.

What the hell? I'm a completionist, this type of bullsh.t breaks the game for me. Does Arx Libertatis fix these type of bugs?
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Vindikcijus: Does Arx Libertatis fix these type of bugs?
I'm not sure but I played Arx Libertatis many times and never encountered Shany bug nor any other broken quest.

Anyway there are so many fixes you probably shouldn't ever play vanilla version. I recommend getting a development snapshot instead of stable too.
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Thank you for your reply, ssling. :)