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So my friend ZaRR helped me find a way to change the resolution in Army Men 1. I provided a video here for a visual guide. The only problem now is how to scale the hud properly. I hope more people look into this!

Here are the steps:
1. Have Army Men installed
2. Download x64dbg from
3. Open x64dbg
4. Open ArmyMen.exe
5. Right Click and go to Search For>Current Module>Constant
6. Type in the Expression tab 280 which is Hex for 640 (Army Men games run at 640x480)
7. You will be brought to a reference page where you will see a line of text like this mov dword ptr ds:[esi+0xC0], 0x280 and double click on the line of text
8. Then you will be brought to the same page when you opened the exe for the first time. Now press the space bar.
9. Now you will be able to change the Height of the game's resolution. Change the number 280 to your desired resolution in hexadecimal.
10. Once you are done with that the line under is to change the width mov dword ptr ds:[esi+0xC4], 0x1E0 so press space again and change 1E0 to your desired resolution in hexadecimal.
11. When your all done either Ctrl+P or just click on file on the top left corner and click patch file.
12. You will see a Patches tab and all you need to do is click the patch file and create a copy of the ArmyMen.exe by simply Ctrl+c.
13. After your copy exe is made just apply the patches to the copy exe.
14. Run the game and see if it runs. Note: On higher resolution, the game lags unless being played on windowed mode.

I hope this helps people!
Credits to ZaRR :)