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I have 2 computers and I'm hoping to either get a LAN or internet based multiplayer game going.

I mounted an ISO disk image for both Toys in Space and Army Men 2, and I overwrote the GOG executable files with the disc executable files to restore the Multiplayer button for each. I also found an IPX wrapper tool people like to use for other old games and installed that for both. I also configured GameRanger to run both.

When I try to gather or join natively in the game using the IPX Mutliplayer option, I just get a black screen and game music.

When I try to gather in GameRanger, the host loads fine into the in-game Multiplayer setup lobby screen, but the computer that is joining simply sees a black screen with a Windows loading icon for about a minute before automatically exiting out back to GameRanger.

It feels like I'm one step away from getting this to work. Any ideas that you think might help?
i guess ip adress popup window should appear. ajd maybe did. but cant get on top. some app interfere game window kr something else.
Try close any overlay apps. except maybe RTSS (msi afterburner is absolutely separate app from another creators theyvare not related and msi better be unistalled and if 6ou get RTSS as bundle - reinstall from original setup).
Some input apps (not part of driver) like LogiOptions.

NV Expe4ience (not part of driver). Nahimic. And ofc Discord/etc.

Did you use some wrappers with games to fix visual problems? try lower resolusion in their settings or try one without it (Narzoul 3.0.1 not 4.0.1).
Disable compatibilities if you use any visual wrapper!
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