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Every time I go to scroll the screen (air strike/paratrooper drop positions, or just with the Enter key), when I either get to the edge or use the keyboard to move the screen it flies halfway across the map in 0.1 second. Makes it nearly impossible to target stuff accurately.

Anyone know of a fix? I've adjusted nearly every setting I can think to try. Finally managed to lower the speed of the actual mouse movement to something reasonable, but scrolling on the edges still is the same supersonic speeds. I've attached a screenshot showing what happens when I tap the left button as quickly as I can. (I've tried lowering my keyboard repeat speed as well, whjch also didn't solve the issue)

EDIT: Playing around with the compatibility settings a bunch I did happen upon a solution - I enabled "Run this program as an administrator" and "Compatibility Mode for Windows XP Service Pack 3" in the .exe file's properties. Attached a screenshot showing what I'd changed. (16-bit color mode solved a prior problem I'd had of the screen not drawing when I scrolled to the left, or having odd lines and such - lines are still there with compatibility mode, but the scroll speed is down to a sane level that makes it finally playable)

Since the post is solved, I marked the only other reply as the solution, but the edit is what actually solved it. Thanks for the help regardless to QWEEDDYZ
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disable or better remove soft from KB\mouse and keep only drivers (by Microsoft) (it about macros)
Or change dpi rate there
Or on additional button on mouse itself - if it have that button

Disable mouse acceleration in Windows settings. Sometimes that can switch back on by some games (eg Valve games). And ofc change mouse speed there.

Remove any compatibility except admin run from exe properties. GOG always set some not needed not matter which game and OS.
Or turn on some: dpi scaling, fullscreen optimisation.

Did you use any 3rd party fixes\wrappers?
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