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I just grabbed the entire Franchise and not a single game works properly or even works at all.

Army Men, Army Men 2 and Toys In Space at least launch, but Videos don´t play and I have no sound what so ever

World War get´s stuck on a black screen and does nothing at all

RTS threw a ton of errors at me and now only complains about no DX8 Graphics Card being found.

I´m on Windows 10.
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Makes sure you have DirectPlay enabled under Legacy features in Windows Features.
Also dxwebsetup.

And check/uncheck checkboxes in combatibility tab. GOG always put dpi scaling and only sometimes admin run. Should be opposite differ. There is also additional menu settings for full screen optimisation or for dpi scaling compatibility - im not sure right now, im on Win7 and on Win7 no of this needed (and not available)(but on Win7 there is disables desktop theme).