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when I try to play there are glitched graphics when I try to move around, tried DGVooDoo 2 but with that it shows a blank screen also I can't seem to be able to use the overlay
This question / problem has been solved by QWEEDDYZimage
Game files corrupted (verify game in galaxy or reintall from normal offline installer), or video driver problem. If this screen captured from game as it is - before dgVooDoo\etc wrappers.

Experiment with full screen optimisation and DPI scaling options in exe properties.

If problem with clear game persist, first of wrappers try ddraw from narzoul github site. 2.1 for Win7 and 3.1 for Win8. If this not helped - try GOG DX Wrapper (but it not be available as separete download).

Only next thing to try is dg and DxWnd with many settings in theier configtool's.

There is also some ddraw.dll file in AM2\3\WW games from GOG. There is no such fixes wrappers for AM1, cause it shouldbt be happened. Although other games are releaased or updated after AM1.

But, shouldnt be an issue... so this is game files corruption (alwys do verify game files after downloading anything from any clients with such function to force recheck it) or video driver \ video driver settings.

Since curent GOG Galaxy always redownload something and never report what is (as he do at first versions) - force recheck game files minimum twice in a row.
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thanks, fiddling around with DGVoodoo 2 helped
for future first try narzoul dll - it no have any settings, so it is basic first step. dg use differ DLL for differ games, and shuld be configured.