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Some of you might already know this, but the PC/PS2 version and the Gamecube version of Army Men RTS have some different features.

In exchange for Load/Save Option + Multiplayer, the Gamecube version got Special Operations (8 new custom levels, including a hostage rescue, convoy search and destroy, and an army of insects) and Intelligence Files (lets you look at different units and models in a special viewer).

*NOTE: Even though you lose the Load/Save Option on the menu screen, you can still access it in game when you press the escape key.*

This mod located on the Clanexf forums for AMRTS will allow you to add these features to the PC version.

**BEWARNED: You will lose all campaign progress, current video settings, and unlocked Great Battles, which you will then be required to do all over again.**

Also yes, the files are safe incase any of you are curious. To install simply have the .exe unpack in your current AMRTS directory, such as follows:

C:\GOG Games\Army Men RTS
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I just finished playing this and I highly recommend it. It is much more interesting than playing Great Battles where you just build a base and have to destroy the enemy. Here every mission is different and some are very tricky if you play it on hard, you really have to figure out a good tactic to finish it.