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Interface in the menu (for saving loading and options) is a bit clunky now and can be streamlined.

* For instance, currently one can press Esc key to get to menu, but you can't use Esc to get back to the game (or previous menu), while Neverhood allowed that. That can simplify game UI navigation.

* Also, the new cursor is pretty huge and takes a lot of space on the game screen. Is there any way to reduce its size? Neverhood had more reasonable cursor to screen proportion. [FIXED].

* In the save / load screen, you can add highlighting of current selection, which will make it more clear what you are doing (for example when deleting a save).
Post edited December 21, 2015 by shmerl

* The mouse pointer should be hidden during movies. Currently the only apparent way to get rid of it is to stuff it into a corner.