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1. No text in main menu on Windows 10 (see image)

2. Also I had crash when I first time open game on OS X Yosemite. But after this game working normally. And no problems with text on Mac. This is rare funny moment when game better working on Mac instead Windows...
same bug on win 7 (GTX 970 with latest drivers), updating directx didn't help
Linux version here - no bugs so far :p
I can confirm this problem on my computer to.

My specs:
Windows 10
Fully updated drivers for hardware & DirectX
Nvidia GTX 680 top
Screen resolution 2560x1440

The meny's wont work in the game but some are clickable. My guess is that I am missing a runtime library of some sort. And compatibility mode does not do anything for the game in my case.

Not the end of the world thought, the game is great.
The menu bug was fixed in the latest update.
I just got home from work and yea, the patch made it work on my windows 10 PC and I can't find any problems! Thanks developers!

/Off topic, awesome Loom avatar shmerl, one of my favorite games from childhood. The black dragon was my favorite part.
The total distortion of the screen. XP 32, ATI 1950x Pro 256 Mb.
2.jpg (319 Kb)
1.jpg (77 Kb)
Just said that the extra 3-4 weeks Pencil Test Studios had still did not fix all the bugs :(. But from what I played and been hearing, the game is short repetitive trash any way. I wont make my final decision till I have more time to play it, but it is depressing that this game is not close to be good as the Neverhood.