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Patch 1.01 (02 October 2015)

Two Main Critical Issues Fixed:
- Missing Localization or No Localization
- OSX Launch Issues


Patch 1.02 (13 October 2015)

Issues Fixed:
- Fixed an issue that caused some levers to not spawn correctly
- Final Octovator languages have been fixed
- Controller no longer can grant all items
- You now have to find the last piece of P-Tonium to beat the game
- Fixed an issue where Beaky wasn’t required to sit on a certain green button to get the door open
- Fixed a few subtitle issues
- Saved Game Override now works correctly


Patch 1.03 (04 November 2015)

- Added custom context sensitive cursor
- Fixed bug that allowed player to watch "Finding P" cinematic multiple times
- Fixed bug where Beak Beak would only sit on buttons if facing right
- Added visual feedback to puzzles that need to be unlocked
- Fixed a variety of issues where Beak Beak could become stuck while flying
- Other minor bug fixes


Patch 1.04 (18 December 2015)

- Music now plays consistently throughout the game
- Fixed issues where audio volumes unexpectedly lowered or cut out
- Buttons now give visual and audible feedback even before they are active
- Fixed issue where Tommy could walk through closed door in Tower 3 before solving door lock puzzle
- Fixed issue where Tommy was unable to place the translation lever
- Lullaby puzzle - Player can now click anywhere on the ring to advance the lullaby song
- A variety of sub-title display fixes
- Other minor bug fixes


Patch 1.05 (12 January 2016)

- Fixed issue where occasionally two background music tracks would play simultaneously.
- Added some visual clues for clickable objects when in Beaky-vision.
- Fixed issue where final crystal pedestal could be activated before lowering it.
- Fixed instances where Beak Beak would become clipped when flying behind door masks.
- Fixed issue where Wheelie Birds could become stuck on the ledge in the Lookout Room.
- Other minor bug fixes.
Details about the Linux system cursor appearing over the custom cursor:
This seems to be an issue with the version of Unity we're using. We're looking into upgrading the game to the most current version of Unity, which should hopefully fix the issue.
high rated
Changelog for Internal Update (added 3 June 2019):

- [WIN] fixed incorrect version number
- [WIN] added Cloud Saves compatibility