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Hello folks,
i remember the controls and the weird mouselook in this game,
you know, it only moved your view when contacting the border of your vision :|

Someone knows a way to get the game to give me a "normal mouselook" ?

Thanks a bunch,
This question / problem has been solved by Dandarezimage
If you're talking about Cold War, I tried and tried and couldn't figure out how to fix the camera to raw input.
Can't remember if or how it was possible in the original Operation Flashpoint, but in Arma there is a slider called Float something in the control menu, right under mouse sensitivity, set it to 0 and you have direct control.

I set it to direct right away, but then when I hit the shooting range I quickly set it back, it's much easier to shoot that way, at least for me.
This is what I found on the BIS forums. Long story short: you can only change it via modding, and only for the horizontal axis: