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This isn't really a bug but it is annoying; during the "Pathfinder" mission of the original campaign. After you destroy the Shilka in the second town the idea is for your squad to fall back while the choppers destroy the other tanks. However, my squad leader feels it is a good idea to run towards the town for 50-100m before running away from it again, exposing our nice broad backs to the enemy guns. Inevitably my whole squad is killed (apart from the occasional lucky times where maybe 3-4 of us are left). I've retried this mission several times but the same thing always seems to happen.

Does this happen to anyone else? If so, how do you deal with it?


This question / problem has been solved by Weskerimage
Dominic998: Does this happen to anyone else?
Faulty by design. It happens every single time. Not only this, but I've have already had to restart the mission since I couldn't find the remaining enemies in Chapoi anywhere. I don't remember surviving this mission with any teammate.
I agree with wesker. The squad always seems to die....Pathfinder is a tough mission. The A.I. of the soldiers in the town is tough. Once I lucked out and came across a sniper in the hills above the town...after i killed him I was able to take out alot of soldiers from cover with his dragunov sniper rifle. That was a rare lucky break...just save once the choppers have sweeped the town and try different approaches and tactics....eventually you will hit on the right way to clear the town..each time is different, but thats half the fun.
Thanks, I'll just have to be persistent then. I've marked Wesker as the solution as that seems to be the consensus.
No worries
This one annoyed the hell out of me today. I had the second shilka down and thought it would be a cake walk to run out of town wait for the choppers.. Of course you get ambushed again.. so after 6 or 7 tries I save making it cover.

Fine but now every load of that the choppers don't finish off the damn tanks! Okay the first time it was amusing as I sat waiting for the choppers to do their job, and waited and then thought you know those choppers are a bit close to each oth.. oh look black smoke and two cobras falling from the sky. Oh look now we get to do the armour ourselves.. hey LAW guy shoot the tank.. you know that's a tank stop just lying there.

I guess back I go.
Here's how I do it.

Immediately run 30 degrees to the left of where you start, heading for some shrubbery near the edge of the treeline. A commie squad is going to walk along the ridge that will then be right ahead of you, and you should be able to kill them all. The LAW soldiers will advance over this ridge and hit the first Shilka, and will be in position to hit the BMP when it rolls through. Clean up everything in the first village, whatever it's called, and move on.

On the way to Chapoi, there are three commie squads. One is near the first village, usually moving along the shrubbery line that's on the left side of the road as you face Chapoi. You should be able to surprise and kill them all. The second is farther towards Chapoi, this time on the right side of the road. They may be in some trees by the time you get to them, and they almost always see you before you see them. One of them has an RPG, just in case you run out of LAW soldiers. The third is in or just beyond a thicket that will be between you and Chapoi when your squad goes for the third Shilka. They like to throw grenades, but that shouldn't mean anything. If you didn't run out of LAW soldiers, let them do the dirty work: wait by the thicket, and then the moment the Shilka goes cubist, sprint directly back toward the road. The rest of the squad may or may not follow directly, but they'll be heading that general direction too. Keep ahead of them and the commies will worry more about them than you. Once you reach the road, turn around and give whatever is left of your squad some fire support. They'll stop in bushes somewhere near the road that branches off and goes into Chapoi. Let the Cobras kill stuff for a while, and shoot anything that sticks its head up. When they're done, either because they've killed everything they see or because they've crashed - only once have I seen them crash before killing the tanks - move along the road, staying out of Chapoi. When you get far enough down it, a M113 will show up to relieve you. Keep your head down and let it do its business. With any luck, you'll still have some of your squad left, and can crawl through town to mop up anything that hasn't already come out to play the winner.