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Thiev: Do not use .exe file directly. Shortcut has switches which might be necessary for the game to run.
noxgamer: When i install the game, i only have 1 shorcut and its of Combined Operations, i want Operation Arrowhead. Can you help me?
You only need combined operations... It's a bundle and Operation Arrowhead is included there.
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I have same error

And we can't play dayz when we lunch Combined operations, need to lunch Arma2OA.exe, for the Update
The way around this is to make a new shortcut of the ARMA2OA.exe. DO NOT USE THE LAUNCHER. Then edit that new shortcut to run any mods you want. Using the launcher is what causes the problem. Oh, additionally make sure that you are setting to run the program as the administrator. It took me two days and two installs to figure out that its the way that GOG packages the game that causes the problem. Having registry keys that are wrong doesn't help...