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Does this offer gameplay similiar to Battlefield 1942 with the select spawnpoint and capture the base?
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Not unless someone made a mod. This series has been called a "military simulator", and that's probably about the best quick-and-dirty way to describe it. While one might label it a "shooter", gameplay is not at all similar to the typical run-and-gun FPS titles like COD, Halo, BF, etc.
a mod was made that did exactly turned ArmA into a spawn and capture command points type of was very similar to wake island in battlefield 1942...youd spawn on a ship and ride landing craft into the beach and disembark to capture command points.

I cant remember what it was called but its out there..hell there are so many mods that peole have made ArmA into just about every kind of the mad max carwars mod or the zombies attack maps...thats why people still play this game alot.