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Hey there,

I bought this game to have some coop fun, and we are loving it. We're stuck on the end boss on hard as he's really a pain, but we will keep trying.

I've come to know that v1.2 will be a major rebalance and I'm excited to re-do the game to check all of this out!

I wanted to post this feedback to take the opposite stance regarding what I've seen on steam and reddit comments:
* We love the dash puzzles. Yes they are hard, but we enjoy mocking each other on failures so this is just perfect: keep them! Although, second player usually is bugged (dashes not recharging, smaller dashes, spawning in the void) and cannot do the puzzles so we take turns with controller one and suicide controller two. A fix would be greatly appreciated!)
* Avoidance trials are very fun as well, keep them!
* I couldn't care less about selling items. I don't know why people keep bringing that up. The economics are fine as they are. Adding selling into the mix will force you to change gold loot and therefore incur work for a useless mechanic. What is important is a better UI for the inventory: filters, search, grouping, not pushing you back at the top of the merchant/storage/craft list whenever you switch to your inventory pane, a way to quickly discard scraps (i.e: non-unique items that you already own in inventory or bank. Maybe only if you have two of them?). Or a "delete" button on the pad instead of the tedious drag and drop?

That's it on the "rant against others" part. Now about the features I would like to see; the game is quite difficult, and for the last boss you need to find the best stuff possible. However:
* the game item descriptions lack _numbers_. example: "makes your more powerful but slower": how much of which?
* A cumulated DPS indicator would be the bare minimum.
* Some numbers looks lie lies (damages on weapon aren't very clear, sometimes it's divided by missiles, sometimes not?)
* Some mechanisms are unclear: burn and bleed (what's the difference anyway? Seems like DoT), fighter fairy mentions defense: how much does it affect defense? Do all enemies have defense? How can I see the effects, does it even work?

You get the idea; empower the players to understand the game deeply to maximize it!

Other than that, _great_ game. And thanks for putting it up on GoG, even if we won't be able to access testing branch ;)