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Hey, first time playing through this goodie-but-oldie and trying to figure out if I'm doing something foolishly wrong...

I've put a point into the Electrics tech tree, which should as I understand it unlock the first schematic there, the electric torch. I have multiple lanterns and multiple filaments in my inventory (not equipped, just in inventory). I have an Int of 10.

When I attempt to activate the schematic, though, the game tells me I don't have the required item(s) to build that.

I've made plenty of healing salves using the first Herbology schematic, so it should be the same steps just in the Electrics tab, right?

Am I sitting here missing something really dumb and obvious, or is this a weird glitch or what?
First of all, be sure you didn't just load from a save that was before you put the 1 point into electric tech discipline. Check you character to be sure you have the first point in electric, so that you can make electric light.

There's 3 colors for the component boxes which will tell you what's going on crafting-wise.

If a component box is red, you don't have the item in your personal inventory.

If a component box is green, you have the item in inventory and you have enough skill to craft using that item.

If a component box is tan, you don't have the required expertise in that technical field.

This means you go to character sheet, and click the tech gear tab, and then click the discipline with the symbol that is identical to the one inside the component box (lightning bolt = electric for example).

There's a blue colored number in a box to the right of the discipline name. That is your expertise in that tech discipline, and it has to be higher than the number in the component box (the required skill to use that component in crafting).

You raise expertise by investing points into that technical field, or buying technical manuals at the university of Tarant.

Using electric light as an example:

Hit T to get to schematic menu. Get to electric light schematic by clicking the lightning bolt symbol on the tab on the right. If you still don't see it, maybe click the graduation cap button to be sure you're on learned schematics and not found schematics, and use the page turning arrows at the top left or right corners of the schematic.

When on the electric light schematic page, the bottom component, Filament, has a lightning bolt in the top left of the box and the number 10 in the bottom right.

Hit C to get to character sheet. Click the tech gear and then the lightning bolt symbol to see your character's knowledge of electricity. Directly above where it says Electric Light is where it says your current degree (Probably Electric Novice). To the right of that, in a box there should be a blue number. It needs to be 10 or more for you to craft the electric light.
Thanks, ewmarch! Turns out I was indeed doing something foolish and was in the 'found' schematics. It worked now. Appreciate the detailed explanation!
My pleasure man. Enjoy the game.
Dalcyone: Thanks, ewmarch! Turns out I was indeed doing something foolish and was in the 'found' schematics. It worked now. Appreciate the detailed explanation!
Speaking of found schematics, they're a bit trickier, as they often involve more than one discipline. ewmarch's explanation of the "expertise" value will help greatly for those. Expertise doesn't really come into play for learned schematics because if you're able to learn it, you already have enough expertise, but it matters a lot for found schematics and it's something I don't think the manual explains sufficiently.
Good to know, thank you!