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So I'm at the point where I need to tell the Dwarf of the prison island about the black mountain clan to get to the next point in the game, but when I talk to him, I only get him saying he doesn't have anything to say to me!
If it helps, I'm playing a half-orc warrior with reaction mod -13
Will I need to grind and level up my beauty? Is there a way to continue without talking to him? Is this a glitch that needs patching?
This question / problem has been solved by atkesimage
Yes there are several ways ........ you need something that Thorvald carries.
There's an Increase Beauty spell you can apply (more than once if needed) to get positive reaction
Spoilers below

There are several ways to get what you need from Thorvald.
1. open the chest in his room to get the schematics and the book.
2. pickpocket him, use a fate point if you need to.
3. kill Thorvald.
4. there is a Spectacles shop in Ashbury where you can ask the owner about his wares.
The shopkeeper requires kathorn crystals. If you you want to create it using schematics, you'll still need the crystal.

The Kathorn crystal can be found in Black Mountain Clan's mine and also at the Ancient Shipwreck

(499W, 892S) at nighttime, carried by the skeletons.
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