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Hi guys,
Due to Covid 19 distancing. I stay at home whole day and decide to get back to Arcanum.
And you know, Arcanum is the type of game that the more you play the more bugs you found.

So, I changed something:

Having Min Gorad note in inventory triger Virgil's leaves but he will stuck at Tsen Ang and keep saying Im sorry. Now Virgil's leave only trigger after you actually know the info (by talking to Min Gorad or reading the note), Virgil now should teleport to Caladon correctly after leaving PC at Tsen Ang.
If a spell is on Virgil when he leaves, its effects will remain on him when appear at Caladon, I add a workaround for it. I encourage people try this glitch, want to know if other have it, how it happen and how to properly fix it.
Heindrich Jenks' dialog with female have a wrong line that cause crash, strangly not with male. Anyway I point it to the correct one.
Clockwork decoy and Explosive decoy have reaction to PC = 0 and follower attack them on sight. I believe this one is not intended so I change the script, now only monster attack them (some city half orge may attack as well, though, but this is beyond my ability).
Those fix based on UAP 2.0.2 and not guaranteed to work with other mod. Please read the read me file
And my thanks to:
Drog and his UAP
Multiverese team. Learned some trick from their scr.
And other moders and players of Arcanum for information.

Feel free to modify and use my fix for your own mod with credit above, ofcourse.
Post edited September 11, 2021 by dukthepope