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Hi, i really want to find spool of heavy wire.. now im playing for couple of hours and cant find it.
Somewhere i found that it might be sold by inventors, but so far i found inventor to be only in ashbury, and he never has that item no matter how long i wait.
Have you tried junk dealers? They're usually the best for finding components for tech stuff. I forget if there's one in Ashbury but there's definitely one in Tarant, by the docks not too far from the main shopping area.
You could also try the inventor/tech shops in Tarant. There are two that would probably stock heavy wire (in addition to the junk dealer there). One on the main street in Tarant, with the herbologist, and then one in the back of the factory with the orcs in it.
nah junk dealer in tarant is my main loot buyer, he never has anything like it.Also i checked probably all shops in tarant nothing to found there.. Just few mins ago i found it in sewers... astonishing huge sewers.. still need few more for armor making :)

p.s. this game really has depth.. character making and storyline.. and dungeons/sewers and other levels..
I've made light weight chain mail before and I got my wire spools from the inventor in tarant. The items vendors carry is randomly picked from a pool of items associated with that shop. Spool of wire is one of those items that doesnt show up very often like the minute steam works or the engine in the inventors stock. If the inventor doesn't have it wait 24 hours (with him off the screen) and his stock will reset. It might take several tries.
I have been looking for this myself. The Inventor Shop in Tarant had it so thanks for pointing it out!