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Finally finished this after many attempts over the years, and I think the epilogues aren't playing correctly. Only a few play, and it cuts of abruptly, and if I play the last part again it plays different ones. For example, the first time it showed how returning maxmillian made cumbria great again, and how blackroot had rejoined cumbria and maxmillian fought to keep it, but the second time the one about returning maxmillian didn't play, but the one about black root did, which references maxmillian. Any ideas, beyond constantly reloading my save to try and see all the epilogue bits?
I think the unofficial patch did something to remedy this
I swear I had it installed (there was a readme and some other stuff in the games directory) but apparently a quick reinstall and it's fixed. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, it never would have occurred to me. In other news, this game is still awesome.