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Greetings! I am not an english native so my writting can be a little rough, but give me some patience please.
So, I just crossed the Hardin's pass and i decided to explore a little the new zone available. I found small pond, the place with the half ogre and the monkeys, and when i try to exit the game crashes. I tried to walk away and travel from there but it crashes all the same. There is a strange thing, I encountered the The Stillwater Giant in a random encounter and i tried the control beast spell (As he was in bunny form), the thing just transformed and attacked me but it is marked as a follower (the bear paw picture) in the left superior side of the screen. It sticked there wherever i went and I did not give it any importance, but since i got stuck in Small pond instead of a bear paw is just a blue square, and i think it may have something to be with this.

What do you think?
Post edited April 14, 2017 by Indigo.Montero