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I try this mod and I think its suck, very suck. Firearms are too much overpowered and may be more dangerous for their user than opponents; criticall miss almost always kill you (espcially on start). So high increasing of gun firepower may have more sense when damages of criticall miss will lowered or removed. For now, using firearms is lottery; you can kill most of enemies and die for end of fight... This is not fun.

Distinguish firearms, magic system was broken. Cost of casting spells is too high in comparison of their damages. This may not be so bad, however mage cannot restore fatigue point by drinking potions, what is joke. In a result you can only cast 1-2 normal power spells during fight and then your mage is useless. Even when you want cast low cost spells such as harm, amount of your fattigue is too low to fight with enemies because spell damages are extremely low even against the lowest monster. Moreover, spells damage don't significantly increased with higher level of magic altidue.
Any news of this great mod ?

Really smart, very in depth thinking.

Some people complains about the disactivation of fatigue potions, but they do not understand at all the problem. Meditation spell + fatigue level give you a limited but constant fatigue for a whole fight. Which is perfect to to nerf mages potion abuse, and represent the nature of a mage.