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I have been trying to figure out the purpose of the item that is supposed to be reloading chamber thingie for firearms...
I have been waiting the answer to correct usage would come to me but no.
Does anyone know if you can use that item and is it useful in battles?
it's so cheap and have put firearm skill to full already...
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Do you mean Auto Loading Chamber? It's a component that can be used for crafting (you have to find/buy appropriate schematics).
it is one of the components of something called a Mechanized Gun, a heavy machinegun which you can have built for you by the same guy who built the airplanes from the opening film once you find him in Caladon. and yes its good, its perhaps the best gun in the game.
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okay thanks.
sounds like a winner! :)
wasn't so easy I hoped though, that maybe I could just get that loader to work with all guns, but nevermind just got elephant rifle...
Marrik: Mechanized Gun
Phwoar, bullet consumption on that weapon is just massive, it operates like a giant shotgun.
Great to get yourself out of the worst situations but definitely not for constant usage unless you enjoy crafting bullets or buying heaps of them everytime you stop in town.
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