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Hello, please correct this on game's site:
AquaNox was NOT developed by the Swedish developer Massive Entertainment but by Massive Development from Germany.
Post edited March 10, 2010 by TParis
Nice, it has been changed now.
but no comment here :P
GOG is so stealthy.
We hired some ninjas some time ago - so yeah .. ;)
Resil: We hired some ninjas some time ago - so yeah .. ;)

You guys need some pirates to fulfill your affirmative action quota! :D.
Same with Aquanox 2 guys. :P
Post edited April 01, 2010 by TParis
Mobygames makes mistakes too.
"A third in the game in the series, the PS2 title AquaNox: The Angel's Tears, was completed but never released as JoWood shut down the division in May 2005."
Incorrect, this was not a third game but a 1:1 port of Aquanox 2 to the PS2.
Still, this mistake hasn't been corrected yet.
Where did your stealthy Ninjas go? Guess they got slaughtered by Pirates. Yaaaaarrrrrgh!