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Anyone who is even remotely interested in 6-DOF games, shouldn`t wait and grab the game right now.
Moreso, if one missed it 10 years ago.
Don`t worry for the graphics. Since the game engine is so clever, it lets you choose the max.resolution your PC is capable of with all bells and whistles directly inside the game (AA/AF).
It is a real visual feast, watching this game VSynced at smooth 60 fps at 1680x1050 with 4xAA and 16xAF without a framedrop. I`m asuming that if I had a 30" monitor, it would let me play at 2560x1600.
Even after 10 years it still looks great and plays the same. Its graphics were ahead of the time and it seems it will be the only 6DOF underwater action simulation game for quite some time, if not forever...
The atmosphere of the game is totally consuming. Compared to Aquanox1, this one has a more dark, gritty feel to it. It`s not as tense as AVP1 with Marine (on nightmare), but it`s still awesome nonetheless.
I must be getting older since I could not finish some missions on Hard difficulty and had to revert back to Normal, even though I finished the game on Hard difficulty 10 yrs ago.