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I really like the setting, but the enemies are too rigid, not even articulated at all so far. Everything feels a little restricted. Prologue about resurrected sea monsters of the Triassic or whatever don't seem to be panning out.

Something that has a chance of making it to GOG would be great, but even newer things over 10 bucks I just haven't noticed might be of interest.

There's already a thread about Archimedean Dynasty, which I heard of just today.
Googled around a little... Submarine Titans appears to be abandonware, or perhaps it's just really hard to track down the proper owners. It looks like StarCraft with different sprites/units, if you play it while sitting close to a large, noisy fish tank. Might be worth three bucks, I don't know.

Not really that immersive as an underwater experiece.
I used to play and really enjoy this little gem called Sub Culture.
Info here:
The Sub Culture demo (English and Spanish) is still available from Ubi Soft:

Ahhh.. I remember Sub Culture. Great game!
I bought submarine titans years ago says Ellipse Studio & Infinite Loop on the back of jewel case. It pretty much is starcraft but subs can move up & down 3 layers. Two of the races are very similar & there's a 3rd more unique non-human species. It is enjoyable if you like Starcraft.

What about the Silent Hunter sub sim games?
Games like Aquanox?

Titles that I have played myself are:

Subwar 2050
This title has nice graphics for its time, but gameplay was flawed and a bit boring I have to say.

Archimedean Dynasty
The first game of the Aquanox series before it was actually called Aquanox. For some reason this game has made more of an impression to me than the later games. Missions are sometimes very hard and sometimes confusing but for the rest this is like Wing Commander underwater with some adult dialog at times.

Sub Culture
I have never played this game much, but it has nice graphics. It is like Elite underwater and you play as lupracon people so everything is bigger.

Deep Fighter
Uses the same graphics (engine) as Sub Culture. This is more of a Wing Commander style game with FMV cutscenes. Though it has some original missions I think the cutscenes are horrible and not in a "they are bad that they are funny" kind of way like in Command & Conquer.
I rather liked Subwar 2050 - but found it quite hard at the time. Seemed like each enemy needed about 20 torpedo hits to kill them...