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why is there a delay with the mouse while looking" left or right" pitching up or down doesn't even respond or is extremely slow .
the mouse movement just feels weird.
This question / problem has been solved by Curunauthimage
Here is what I did with my coolermaster storm mouse to make it playable (but not yet perfect, I need to tinker some more)
I reduced the DPI to 400
I reduced the USB Report Rate for the mouse to 250
The mouse sensitivity to a bit less than the middle.
Then inside the game I set the sensitivity for both Y and X to 33.
HUGE difference and the game is playable. I need to spend more time to fix it 100%, but as it is now it is about 85% ok.
Still...pain in the ass if you ask me.
I'm having pretty much the same problem as the OP.
I've tried both mouse+keyboard as well as a game-pad and after an hour of tweaking and experimenting with different settings, I still can't get the controls anywhere near functional.
The game is just unplayable.
trusteft: Here is what I did with my coolermaster storm mouse to make it playable (but not yet perfect, I need to tinker some more)
I reduced the DPI to 400
I reduced the USB Report Rate for the mouse to 250

Is the report rate in the coolermaster drivers, or did you use a third party app to change it? I have a lot of negative acceleration issues in many games with my Logitech mx518, and I've never found a way to fix it.
Just reporting success by reducing my report rate to 200Hz (and dropping my DPI to 200 as well, but that was just to fix the speed), on a Logitech G9. 500Hz was too high and very droppy, didn't try 250Hz. Left all the sensitivity settings in-game at their defaults, whatever those are.
Made everything very smooth and playable.

For mice that can change report rate, the Logitech SetPoint config program lets you do it (per-profile on the G9, I now have that in my "old games" profile that also maps buttons 4+ to keystrokes so that I can actually use them).

Logitech site suggests that SetPoint 6 removed 500Hz from the options for the mx518, but that it is available in 4.8; implication is that lower rates are available in either.

So you should be able to do it in SetPoint.
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I saw someone on the Steam forums suggest turning off v-sync in the game's video settings.
I tried it and it fixed the delay for me.
I got just ordinary 1000 DPI mouse and I partialy solved the slow responses with tweaking ini file.

open ...\AquaNox\ini\ctrlsp.des

and edit values in

AxisX =-0.322222
AxisY = 0.322222

to 0.022222 or something like that. The game became playable for me after this tweak.
Turning off Vsync and leaving default 31% of mouse sensitivity makes the game playable for me at 2000 DPI
I still have my original cd with the game :D
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Just in case all the above does not work I post what worked for me. I have a R.A.T. 7 and as great as this mouse is, the lack of an option to set the polling rate is somewhat disappointing for a gaming mouse.

I simply cranked the DPI down to ~200 and set the mouse sensitivity in the game options from 31 to 45. So far the controls work fine for normal steering as well as for smaller movements, e.g. sniping.
If you have a SteelSeries Mouse, the same basic principle applies. Make a new profile using the SteelSeries Engine Software with lowered PollingRate of 250 and massively reduced CPI. Currently trying 170 and 270 with the CPI Switching:
Ok, and how does one change the polling rate for just regular mice?
guitarxe: Ok, and how does one change the polling rate for just regular mice?
In in the Windows configuration panel perhaps?
In Windows 7 there is a mousecursorspeedslider (not sensitivity), although it doesn't report DPI numbers, I think it does the same thing.
Hi folks.

In addition to solution above I made an instruction for PS/2 mice users.

I personally had a better experience with Aquanox with a cheap non-gaming PS/2 mouse than USB, because USB standard driver seems limited to choices of 125, 250 500 and 1000hz, which is not ideal, as 200 is best for this game and seems what it was designed for.

PS/2 mice are using "sample" or "refresh" rate instead of polling rate as PS/2 port is interrupt-base and there is no polling. However the refresh rate substitutes polling for the purposes of this game and should be set to 200 for optimal results.

Since Windows 7 and in 8, 8.1 and 10 this setting has been hidden and needs registry editing.
In the attached picture is the instruction how to adjust PS/2 port refresh rate.

Use "Run" then "regedit" command, apply the instruction and restart your computer (restart is mandatory)

Note that "PNP0F03" may be called differently on your machine, it just needs to be the last "PNP" entry in the list, the numbered folder below it will also be different, probably just a unique device number.
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Hello steinerrr,

Glad to see an anwser. I've just re instal AquaNox with CD ROM.
Did u succeded to run the game on W10 ?

Some errors apear when I launch the game just like :
- missing mss32.dll
- or bink32.dll

I've drop this .dll on system32, try to launch with compatibily for XP Pack3 and administrator but nothing happen when I launch the shortcut or .exe.

One last thing, I cannot find the patch for the game on the web. Any idea ?

I hope you will see this message.