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What is SilentPatch?

SilentPatch is a series of unofficial patches fixing miscellaneous issues in games. SilentPatch for AquaNox fixes widely reported mouse control issues. A bug present only in the first game (AquaNox 2 fixed it) would cause the game to drop mouse input frequently when mice or keyboard with high polling rate have been used. It’s now been fixed the same way AquaNox 2 did.

Bug fixes
- Fixed issues with stuttery/unresponsive mouse and keyboard input when using mice and/or keyboards with high polling rate

Download and Installation
- Download the patch files from GitHub - CookiePLMonster -> SilentPatchAqua -> Releases - I currently cannot post links here.
- After downloading, unpack the archive to your game directory. If you don't know where your game is installed, you can navigate there from GOG Galaxy by right clicking on AquaNox entry -> Manage installation -> Show folder

It's easy as that really! If you followed the instructions correctly, mouse will now work flawlessly.

Source code
Source code of the patch can be previewed on GitHub:
CookiePLMonster -> SilentPatchAqua - I currently cannot post links here.
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Since Silent (CookiePLMonster) haven't been writing on forums (and thus currently doesn't fit requirements to to post links), I'll post links instead:
Download link:
Source code:

If you want a deeper look, you can also check Silent's blog post about it:
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Thank you for this and your other work CookiePLMonster.
I've used your patch for GTA3 in the past and Colin McRae Rally 2.0 currently and they work great.
SilentPatch has now been updated! I don't know if GOG provides regional executables for Germany, Spain or Italy, but those did not work with SP. I now corrected this and SP should now work with any executable.
Thank you! This helps. The game is playable now.
Your fix works beautifully! Thanks!
Thank you for this, was quite broken for me.
Good day. It worked for me, thank you CookiePLMonster!

I thought it was a part of the mouse issue, but thanks to you I can now confirm: the actual mouselook of this game seems to make me a bit nauseous, lol.

Jokes aside. Thank you again.