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Just finished Vanilla AD today and the Guntowers seem to have an excessive amount of health. Some of them take 30 seconds to a minute of direct fire to die and there are nearly 20 of them in that one corridor. Is this intentional? I can't help but think something went wrong in the damage/hp tables because the actual writing of the mission sounds like it's supposed to be way more romantic and frenetic than the 25 minute slugfest I experienced. The mission isn't hard, it's just incredibly tedious and I imagine Hong Long's sendoff would have been more impactful if I hadn't spent all that time hovering in front of turrets smashing Spacebar.

Oh, and advice if you're having trouble with the Final Mission: Paralyze the first Speed Bomber but don't destroy it. Don't attack it after it's paralyzed, either, or your allies will take it as a cue to finish it off. Instead go start clearing out the Nav Points while everyone idles. That way you don't have to worry about Hong Long catching a stray shot and eating it later.