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Maybe the devs can chip in and explain what this means.
samuraigaiden: Maybe the devs can chip in and explain what this means.
I am curious about that as well. I wonder if it is just a poorly worded way of saying it is an alternate ending that was scrapped from the main game.

It refers to it as an extended ending scene not a DLC add on as people have been taking it as in the launch forum. I get this feeling it may be a separate video in the extras section of the game as opposed to actually part of the game it self? Some confirmation on this would be good.


A comment from someone on Steam some what confirming that it is not a DLC for an extended ending but more a little bit of historical add on like lore books.

"Its not the ending of the main game. The main game has an ending for the storyline. The video in the DLC is more of a "historical" record that bridges the world of Deep Descent with world of Archimedean Dynasty/Aquanox.

Calling it "extended ending" really isn't the term they should have used. "
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From the developer.

"Hey everyone.

As there is some confusion about the "extended ending" we wanted to make it perfectly clear that this was a homage to our backers from the Kickstarter, a bridge between Deep Descent and the old games in the series. We are very sorry that it was perceived as the real ending that was not our intent at all.

We listen to all of you and we have decided to make it available for everyone next week to avoid further misunderstandings. "
Well good on them because as something that is ya know, part of the storyline, that should simply be in the game for everyone. Calling it "extra" is simply a lie if it's actually part of the overall storyline of the games, so. Yeah I'm kinda sick of game developers using marketing weasel words to try to pretend that their actions are always good for their customers and not just an attempt to charge more for tiny bits and pieces of content.
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I'm curious about this as well as the DLC manticore ship. It's just listed as "coming soon" when I check the game in my inventory but I assume the ending as I saw it was the extended one (it's the same one that turns up on gameplay videos).
Does somebody know for sure?