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I'm on the 2nd last mission, and it just keeps kicking my ass.
Anyone got good tips for those ?
Good tactics vs Bombers and such ?
I keep using Leech2 Torps and some Auto-Turret action against them, but damn, still hard.

Not a fan at all of how they designed the last missions in this.
Use cheats
I'm going trough last missions of AD. Yesterday I had my ass handed to me beautifully in one of those missions. I was damaged bad by one of the turrets after a bigger battle so I sit quiet in one of the peaceful 'canyons' waiting for the fixer to repair my hull. I had about 20% of the front armor and going up slowly, I noticed moving red blip on radar. No worries, right? Probably just a scout or something. It's coming towards me... sonar got fix... A BOMBER coming to me! But I almost finished the mission! I started moving, locked and fired a torpedo.. No way! He got me. It took like 3 seconds, I only managed to fire one torp! Beware of those fuckers!

1. Watch out for Biont bombers, they are SOOOO DEADLY! 3 or 4 seconds of their turret fire onto you and no matter what armor / ship you have, you dead.
2. Forget about Flashsharks, use Leech II, the best torp there is!
3. Fight / retreat / repair / fight again

There is no other way man. I'll be finishing the game soon!