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This seems to be the oddest place to ask for version comparisons, but I was wondering what was changed from the retail release for Aquanox & Aquanox 2 in the GOG version.

I happen to have the Steam version already (and yes, I know, DRM and stuff), but my main question has to do more with version compatibility. I know sometimes Steam likes to install Direct X subfolders on some old to ensure they will run on later OSs like Windows 7 (64-bit), but I want to know from anybody who has both retail/Steam and GOG versions if the GOG version has been updated more to support weird (i.e "HD"/16:9 aspect ratio) resolutions. I have a monitor that is running at 1366x768, and while I read in another thread that it displays widescreen, it was at a higher resolution (1900xsomething). Since I'm playing on a laptop, I thought if the extra support for these resolution would be woth investing on paying for this game again.

And note I haven't installed Aquanox/Aquanox 2 on Steam yet. I own it but am afraid to install because of said Direct X redundant subfolders.
I am playing Aquanox 2 (GOG) right now @ 1920*1200

Aquanox 1 works in @ 1920*1200*32, too.
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Can it work @ 1366x768?