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Hi Guys,
When I try to launch Aquanox 2, it first shows me a message, asking me to reset me video and audio settings to default (doesn't matter if I click yes or no) followed by a massage that the "desired resolution was not found. Please install latest drivers.

I've tried compatibility mode, I've to set the resoltuion manually in the config file and nothing so far works.

There're no source ports to my knowledge and I'm out of ideas. I've googled it and apparently a similar bug exists in spell force but that didn't help me ether.

I try to run it on a windows 10 laptop with an intel onboard graphics chip.

You might wanna try (re-)installing DirectX 9.
The game does not support high resolutions. I can get it to work at 1600*900.
Perhaps you could try setting your desktop's resolution to something like that, or lower.
Post edited January 31, 2018 by B.D.