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Changelog for Patch 1.2 (added 12 March 2019):

* Increased size and accuracy of no- spawn zone around starting point
* Removed flamethrowers and bazookas from the harder indoor areas of Fugue and Adrift
* Removed behavior where guards fired extremely quickly when approaching corners with guns aimed
* Prevented guards from shooting too quickly when grabbed (and hitting the player in some cases)
* Slightly increased machine gun guard's reaction time (they take longer to react)
* Slightly increased guard reaction time when lights are out (they take longer to react)
* Prevented explosions from chaining through walls
* Flamethrower guards' now must ready their flamethrowers before shooting
* Audio Improvements
* Fix for the game running too fast on some systems
* Fix for fugue ending playing at the wrong time in arcade mode.
* Possible fix for guards sometimes being inside closed containers, and occasionally pushing themselves up against closed doors.
* Possible fix for some crash bugs.