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I possess the original game and wonder if the GoG version has any advantage besides being digital.

Currently it says there is only English. Are more languages planned to release?

Anvil of Dawn contains some nasty bugs that can potentially get the player stuck. Were any bugs fixed?
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AWaterKnight: Anvil of Dawn contains some nasty bugs that can potentially get the player stuck. Were any bugs fixed?
It's the latest version, 1.1, which has glitches. Thus far I've found a few & tried to find a work-a-round for the ones I've found;

1. Rolling Stones - If you run after them & "push", their trajectories change, sometimes for the better or for worse. Able to even abuse it to kill certain enemies.

2. Backlash ("return to sender"-throwing blade weapon) disappears; The only way to make it work as it is supposed to is to THROW it first by pressing T in the game screen once, THEN equipping it.

If you abuse the throwing, you see this: (but you'll be able to continue to play the game after pressing C lol)

3. If the automap quill pen text reaches close to the right side of the screen, mouse cursor becomes laggy & makes it hard, even impossible to remove the said text. Also seems to do the same when the text is "too long".
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As mentioned above, it has been patched to version 1.1. I believe it's was only available in English. Odd thing, I never knew there was 1.1 patch. Back in those days the internet had not fully reached maturity, so patches were hard to find and took almost forever to download @ 14.4 kbps.
My brother always encountered a crash in the german version with a text that literally translated to "Jörg is a mean Fruchtzwerg". FruchtZwerge is the name of a popular milk product by the food giant Danone. So yeah, that pretty sounds like a prank. Whatever, it occasionally (but determinedly) appeared when you had special items like the Heartstone in inventory and revisited the underground city later on for example. As soon as you entered the dungeon, it popped up and this could destroy your adventure.

I guess you can also kill a lot with the Spell of Undoing/Disintegration.
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