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Ok, lets admit it: we, DRM-Free consumers and pleyrs, never had been very lucky with digital boardgames

1st crisis was with the infamous devs from League of Geeks and their game Armello... Game that was rather cool, otherwise, but brought by shady developpers with very despicable behavior towards the DRM-Free customers base
(I have to mention, if you never asked for a refund and kept the "DRM Free" rechristened edition of Armello in your GOG library, know that it has a major gamebreaking bug that is entirely due to the steam-only shift, and as such, will never be fixed)

2nd crisis was when GOG themselves let the wolf enters the coop, by allowing a DRM-plagued title to enter the catalog, aka: Gremlins Inc, and also let the devs of it continue to litteraly spit and poop on gog customers (as they already started doing one year before)

So, when we finally got Antihero, that was on my radar since it's presentation at some PAX, i was glad...
I had a little jumpscare when the last update blocked me out of 14 concurrent games i had pending, but the update was then released on GOG later on (roughly 3 days later)

Since a few days i have a warning on my GOG's Antihero build telling me there will be a balance update on november 2; this time they decided to simply cancel every non-live games pending, which is a way to adress the issue of having your opponent blocked because he has a falling-back build because of not being on Steam.

You see how it goes? yes, it doesnt bide well for the future of antihero; sooner or later, you can expect GOG build to be abandonned or be left sooooo behind regarding updates and version number that it will become a single player offline game only

It would not be the problem IF game had enough content and features for single player to compensate that... but it doesnt. In fact, even someone like me who is not very "multi player" had to resort using the MP mode of it to keep enjoying the game (AI is predictible, campaign is a glorified tutorial)

I could have felt myself a bit too paranoid about that... until i saw THAT:

I can't believe that such "cross over" and cordial relationship between two devs studio doesn't come with some affinity between each of them, and shared views, values and behavior towards industry and customers.
In other words, when you are that friendly with Armello devs, it can only mean you also are quite alike them on many topics.

So, sadly, i fear much for Antihero and it's future here, or rather: i'm pretty convinced that GOG customers who foolishly bought Antihero will just get themselves screwed up badly again yet another time. Mark my words, i hope to be wrong but i fear i wont

RIP Armello on GOG
Post edited November 02, 2017 by Djaron