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Proving you need little dialoge to tell an amazing story, Another World.
I picked up this copy of the game last year (original author was reselling it, or something) and I have to say the new engine runs beautifully in any Windows version. I went as far to run it on my HTPC (1080p, 42" set) and the game looks beautiful. I forget the graphic style, but if you consider the game came out 15 years ago I thought this game was a brief look at the future of gaming.
The game itself plays like the original, very unforgiving, but figuring out each little sequence is challenging, and interesting, and occasionally frustrating. God that sentence is awful. OK Each "room" plays out like those laser disc games (Dragons Lair, Space Ace), if you mess up you die and have to play the room over. A lot of it is just good timing.
Oh just play it, for the money it's a good game.