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I recently did a video walkthrough of the entire game and put it on youtube.
Although, I STRONGLY recommend playing this game for yourself and figuring everything out on your own. You definitely get a sense of pride when you play by yourself.
I completely agree with this.
One of the greatest feelings of accomplishment I've received in video games was when I figured out a problem in this game.
I solved the problem not by going crazy, or doing random things.. but rather by taking a breather, thinking things through, and suddenly the solution came to me. It worked, and that's just how puzzle games should be.
(of course it's also an adventure game, a shooting game, a cinematic game....)
you get more of the emotion when playing yourself... I still consider the alien a friend, and that ending will always threaten to tear me up because it feels so personal...
You definitely need to experience the game for yourself as much as possible, even if you do get stuck, that is true. There isn't really that much depth as far as gameplay goes, and it's figuring out how to get past something that makes the game enjoyable. In these days where games tend to be easy from the off and gradually get difficult, people playing AW for the first time today will probably get stuck at an early point and will no doubt be tempted to look for solutions to the puzzles. They'll be disappointed to find out how short the game is if they do. That said it would drive me crazy when I was stuck for a long time so I don't blame someone taking the occasional peek at a walkthrough vid, which of course weren't available when the game first came out.
AW is one of those rare quirky games that works. The oft annoying trial and error gameplay should steer players away from it, and yet the entire cinematic experience and unique atmosphere throughout make it a great title and a proper classic that deserves to be played for generations to come.
When I get stuck I prefer to use the walk trough below over a Youtube video:
Palais screen 18 from the above FAQ shows a hole in the floor. I shot out the generator line or whatever and there is no hole.