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As others have already said, this game really is great. I remember playing the DOS version long ago and really loving it. It really isn't like any other game I know of... abstractly it's similar to games like Prince of Persia, in that it's a 2-D platformer where your character behaves mostly realistically, rather than being able to jump 20 feet in the air, etc. But where Prince of Persia still felt formulaic, with the player pulling himself up ledges, jumping pits, fighting guards, etc., Another World is always changing. There's really only one button other than the arrow keys, and it does different things depending on the situation. Sometimes it makes you jump, other times it makes you attack, and still others it does something else entirely.
Everyone's already mentioned the amazing atmosphere, and that's definitely the strongest point of the game. I would like to add that I really liked the combat as well, when it occurs. It manages to be quite strategic while also being fast-paced and exciting. The game is definitely worth the asking price here, especially with the updated graphics and new extras.
There are some minor faults with the game though. A few other reviewers have mentioned a small similarity to games like Dragon's Lair, in that you basically have to figure out the correct way to proceed or you will die. This is true, but it's not as pronounced as in games like Dragon's Lair. I think that a lot of the challenge of Another World comes in the form of figuring out how to pass the next area without being killed. At a few points there are more large-scale puzzles to be solved though, and those are really nice. But once you've "figured out" how to get through the game, it's not particularly long, or challenging. After I'd finished the game for the first time I would occasionally sit down and play through it again, usually in a single sitting. But it was definitely still fun, because the atmosphere and hints at the story are so well done that it's quite an entertaining romp.
If you've played this game before you're probably going to buy it without even reading the reviews, but if you haven't, I really would recommend it. Even with the faults I mentioned that might make it a bit frustrating for players used to more recent games, the experience really is worth it. Have fun!