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Hey everyone,
just bought the game, and I'm a bit disgruntled (wish I had known there was a demo before buying). Every time I try to boot the game, it crashes at the title screen.
What happens, is I reach the title screen after an unexpectedly long load (around 1 minute), and I get a message essentially saying "Game had an unknown exception, crash logged in the Errorlog.txt"
I've uploaded the error log file at the link below.
I'm trying to run the game on Windows XP Professional machine, with the specs below:
AMD Athlon 3800 Dual-core
2GB Ram
GeForce 9800GT
Any help would be great. Thanks

Suggestion #2 is exactly what I had to do to get Phantasy Star Online; Blue Burst to run on my Windows 7 laptop.
Thanks for the help guys, I'll try that out.
Maybe run the included config utility and change some settings