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As others have said, the presentation and atmosphere of this game are top notch and stand the test of time well. However, other aspects of it don't hold up so well. The control is loose, and combined with the fast reactions often needed in this game, that can lead to a lot of frustration. There is a sequence where your character is sandwiched between two guards in a corridor, and you have to use your laser pistol to build shield walls while killing them. It would have been a fun but short scene if the controls were tighter, but instead it ends up being extremely frustrating.
Also, the autosave on this version of the game is wonky. Sometimes, when you die, you will restart just a screen ahead of where you died. But, stuff you did earlier will be reset and you will have to do it again. This is especially noticeable in a sequence where you have to save your ally from the air shaft.
The game is enjoyable though, if at times very frustrating, thanks to the creepy atmosphere and interesting settings.