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Another World is a truly interesting game. In a time were high scores ruled games, Eric Chahi thought "what if a game was more like a movie?", and so Another World was born.
This is one of those few games that can be considered a game or even considered 'interactive art'. The emotions that Eric manages to evoke onto the player without a single word ever being uttered, and with the relatively simple graphics is downright masterful. And even to this day I've never felt a connection with a supporting character the way I did with 'the alien'. Despite there being very little to flesh out his personality, the events in the game have caused me to really consider him a friend, and I always hoped to see him again.
This was probably the first game I ever played to cause tears in it's ending, not that it's a sad ending per se, it's just 'beautiful' and very emotional.
This is a game that will never age, because it's artwork is masterful, the music (especially in the anniversary edition) is amazing, and the story telling remains unrivaled even today.