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GOG seems to be having a "very belated changelogs" week, belated ranging from over six months to over a year belated.

Changelog for Update V1.23 (11 March 2020):

- Added language support for: Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French, German

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Changelog for Update V1.15 (19 August 2019):

- Improve 3D controller movement (more accurate 360 degree movement, semi-analog speed)
- Fix UI Fade on 4k monitors,
- fix title screen time in savefiles for 24+ hr files ,
- fix softlocks/semi-softlocks in 2D areas (gustine 2d npc, goingbackwards in clonwei, slime metacoin chest area in pastel, walking behind amago in bridge area in pastel
- clarify design path to fukuchi
- fix bug where saving on a file, going to title, loading into a separate file and dying loads the original file and potentially lets you overwrite the 2nd file,
- chests send metacoin achiedvements,
- fix position of map marker for BVE enhancement patch

Standalone installers updated: 1.20 ⇒ 1.23 (still a mystery what the 1.15 ⇒ 1.20 update was about).

(and another case where only Windows is listed under Game Details, but all 3 platforms under System Requirements on the game page)