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Me and my Brother are trying to play Anno 1602 but we can never find eachother, we both tried to be the hosts, always select the same protocols, tried local (computer) ip addresses and computer names to connect to the host but nothing works, I even added the game through firewall but that did not work... Does anyone have a way to get multiplayer working?

We also tried not using keywords to search for group, just empty field and found nothing
Post edited March 04, 2017 by king_kaze
I know this post is very old but I had the same problem and found the solution:

- Turn Windows Firewall off on both client and server
- Watch for Windows popups in the background that notify that Anno wants to open several ports and allow that, then restart game

- Then always select TCP/IP as connection method, serial connection does not work
- Create new game on server
- Join server from client using server's IP address

Then it should work.

Kind regards