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The game itself works fine - no lags, no crashes (at least in first half an hour), but there is no musik nor sound effects in the whole game, although it turned on in settings. Sound in videos works.

I tried every compatibility mode, run game as administrator, installed redistributable DirectX from Microsoft-site and from CD-version of this game, attempted to fix DirectMusic, because it was mentioned by eiii . I also created new user profile, attempted to do something with user.dat as it was mentioned [url=]here.
Nothing helps.

I'm not sure it matters, but on Sunflowers-forums there are messages posted more than ten years ago, saying that absence of sound may be caused by no-CDs. Is is right, the same problem is in CD-version of Koenigsedition with no-CD.
However, according to this article, latest DVD-release by Ubisoft was DRM-free, so any DRM-issues shouldn't be a problem if GOG got from Ubisoft the last DVD-released version. Both Koenigseditionen show version on main menu as well as GOG version, so I don't know how to distinguish them.

So, is there a way to play with sound on Win7?

Thanks in advance!
This question / problem has been solved by gunman_image
The sound is working for me, having the same operating system. Do you hear the music in the main menu?
gunman_: Do you hear the music in the main menu?
No, I don't. There's no any sound in the game except videos.
It's strange, because having installed the GOG version, it works perfectly without any tweaks on my Win7 x64 laptop.
Maybe it has something to do with your drivers. Enter the "Music" folder and see if your system can play the "Menu.wav" file.
gunman_: Maybe it has something to do with your drivers. Enter the "Music" folder and see if your system can play the "Menu.wav" file.
It can, file is played without problems. But maybe the problem really is in codecs or drivers, I'll try to do something there.
Strange thing. In all three versions (German, French, English) downloaded through GOG Downloader sound doesn't work. But game downloaded by direct link in browser works perfect with all sound, at least German version.

So it seems problem is in Downloader or links. Too bad it's no more supported.

Thank you gunman_ for your help.
You are welcome. Indeed, I only use direct downloads, not the GOG utility.
Please ignore.
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I tried direct download through Google Chrome and the sound still doesn't work for my Windows 7 64-bit machine.
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