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After Playing the Game the GOG Galaxy is still showing that the game is running (Waited for at least 10 minutes). After closing GOG Galaxy and restarting it, can Click "Play" but the game is not starting.

Only work around I found was to restart my PC and then do A "Verify game" first.

"EDIT": During the process around 90 MB are downloaded.

"EDIT 2": Looks like the game is meesing up my Video settings as I am not able to start any other game. I recieve various error messeges about Graphic/Video problems

Someone else had this issues and found a solution?

best regards

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I have to kill the anno1404 process (found in taskmanager) everytime i quit the game
This doesn't seem to help at all.
Having killed the game in TM I am able to restart it but cannot click anything once reached the main menu. Verify/Repair does not help either. Only thing to do is complete deinstallation and reinstallation.
Running Win 10 Pro 1903.
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