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Gog, there is a problem... I want to buy the sequel of my favourite indie game here, but it's not here.
Please release this game:
on gog.

Developers already said it's up to you:

I'm waiting. Don't make me wait too long... or maybe I will just buy it on steam.
I wonder if any dev will appear in one of these thread once it's here *cough*
mobileuser67: Hi there,

Thanks for posting. I'm sure this is concerning to you. What's concerning to me is what "transgender" freaks are doing to our society. Our children are exposed to this perversion and media tells them this is normal. Now children are confused about whether they are the right gender, and SJW activists push sex changing surgeries onto them. Now they want to shut down GOG because they dare to criticize them. Don't let these freaks near your kids, half of them are pedophiles and/or rapists.
No, I don't care about that.
I also think kids should know everything about sex, if you try to hide something they will just think it's forbidden so they will try to get informations from the wrong source.
And I don't think kids are confused about genders. Kids don't care about those stuff (that's why censorship is wrong).
Just like I don't care about that, I don't care about stupid transgender initiatives.
I try not to make a bundle of all the grass I'm sure there are a lot's of trans who don't actually care about stupid tweets and do not want gog to shut down for that like I'm sure there are lot's of people that want to shut down gog and are not trans.
Finally I really think you should not call anyone freak. Maybe it's not fashionable, but I'm still against racism of all kinds (I hate when someone try to categorize people based on religious belief, skin color, sexual preferences. Religion is a personal choice, The color of the skin is not a choice and sexual preferences is a personal fact. I don't care about those stuff, I just care to know if you are a nice guy).
I don't care about transgender... but I know you (as a single person) are not good because you call other person freaks without even know every single one of them.

I will not continue to discuss here: this is 100% off topic (and I'm not sure you even care about Anima Gate of Memories... but I'm 100% this is not the topic to discuss that).