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We've released BETA version of mod support for our game. You'll all simply receive it with the newest patch. Unfortunately GOG lacks some features that Steam has - namely workshop. That is why using mods for you will be a bit less user friendly and creating them impossible (for now, see the note at the bottom).

You can't just "subscribe" a mod like the Steam users do, therefore you need to search for mods on moddb and similar sites. Once you download mod files, you have to paste them into a proper folder. Let's go through the process with one of our example mods, BasicModSP:

The files that are required for the mod to work look as follows:

Once you have both of them, navigate to this directory:
YOUR_GOG_INSTALL_PATH\Ancestors Legacy\Anc\Content\Paks\Mods\

Paste both of the files in there. Once you launch the game you will be able to activate it, or if it's just a map pack - play the map contained in the mod. Below a more detailed explanation of how to do it in-game.

Total Conversions and single player map packs:

Navigate to "Single-Player" -> "Mods", then depending on what kind of mod you have downloaded, choose the appropriate menu (Map Pack or Total Conversion). Then, choose which mod you want to activate. If it's a TC, you will only be able to see mod name. If it's a Map Pack, you will also see all the maps it contains. After choosing a TC the game will have to be restarted in order to apply the change.

The currently running TC mods have the tag [Active] in front of the mod name.

Multi player map packs:

The map is simply added to the dropdown list where you choose which map to play in skirmish, or which map to host when creating a match.

Enjoy the game.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that this is a BETA version of the mod support. We will be working on improving it, including figuring out a way to let you download the Editor despite missing workshop support. We are aware that this is very barebones version on GOG at the moment, but we will be improving that.
Are there already some or planned by the community ? I do NOT find announcement on any forum
There are some released on the Steam Workshop. More are in the works.I help modders get a start on the tools and explain them things that are not obvious through our Discord Steam chat or forums. That's how I know. I am not browsing any special modding forums so I have no idea how it looks there with regards to our game.
Ok, but if they could come HERE too it would be nice. And there is some dedicate hub for this without steam.
zwem: Ok, but if they could come HERE too it would be nice. And there is some dedicate hub for this without steam.
What do you mean come here? How can they upload the mods to GOG?
YES. How can we get it here if they are only on the workshop. ?
I have a really hard time understanding what you mean. There is no workshop on GOG. There is no place where users can upload their own content. Therefore, modders are not present here, since they cannot share their work here.

Unless you know of a system or feature on GOG that allows the user to upload content to GOG servers, then we can't change that. Steam users upload it to Steam Workshop, which is within Valve's server infrastructure. They have a place and an ability to upload content, so they do.

You can get them from other forums, like moddb, if the modder chooses to upload it there. I can't force modders on Steam to post download links here. I can't force them to share their mod on moddb. If there was similar feature on GOG then we could think of something, but there isn't.
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First there is a BETA CHANNEL. Then there is dedicate place where we can have mod like this one (there are other):

It's also 1 of the advantage of DRM FREE we should be able to grab the one that we want without any problem.
I know that there is moddb. What is the beta channel you speak of?

Also, as I said previously - it's up to the modders to upload their work to moddb. We cannot force them to do so. I have no idea what DRM free has to do with mods. These are two separate things.
Hi DC_vipeout,
I would want to convert a Steam mod to a GOG mod (if you remember some previous conversations we had, guess which one :p)
A friend of mine downloaded it and shared it to me so I could download it, but it's not working on gog, unfortunately. I assume there's some conversion to do as they probably handle files differently. Any idea how I could to it ?
I think that the GOG team would explain it WAY BETTER than me but as its name suggest it it's first to be have different "channel" for beta. Which means that we can have more than 1 "beta" at the SAME time (it's really GREAT). I'm close to be sure that it could also work with mod. And the community should not have anything to do but better to ask this to GOG.

I don't know if I'm understandable and if any one can give a better explanation, feel free.

Thank you to JOIN the topic
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